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48V 100Ah Ups System Batteries CE RS485.232 Communication Lifepo4 Batteries Packs

Standard Voltage: 48V

Standard Capacity: 100Ah

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High Power Ups Power Battery Deep Cycle 24V Rechargeable Battery Pack

Nominal Voltage ,capacity: 24V30AH

Size: 230*210*180mm

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Deep Cycle Li Ion Polymer Battery , 25.2V 100Ah UPS System Batteries For Solar Street Light

Nominal Voltage ,capacity: 25.2V

Standard Capacity: 100A

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38.4kWh Total Power ESS Battery IP20 Grade For Emergency Power Supply

Rate Voltage: 537.6V

Total Power: 38.4Kwh

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96V ESS Battery For 2U Telecom Base Station / Back Up Power Supply Battery

Standard Voltage: 96V

Standard Capacity: 10Ah

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Longer Cycle Life ESS 48V 20Ah Lifepo4 Battery For Telecom Base Sation

Battery Pack: 48V20Ah

Dimension: 2U

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12V 40Ah ESS Battery For UPS Uninterruptible Power System With 5 Years Warranty

Nominal Voltage ,capacity: 12V40Ah

Size: 130*70*290mm

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Safe And Longer Cycle Life ESS Battery 12v 30Ah For Solar Street Light , UPS

Nominal Voltage ,capacity: 12V

Standard Capacity: 30Ah

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IP20 48V 300Ah ESS Battery For Carvan Energy Storage System , Base Station

Rate Voltage: 48v

Battery Pack: 48V300Ah

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300Kwh IBMS ESS Battery Emergencey Power Supply For Energy Storage Sation

Rate Voltage: 729.6V

Total Power: 300Kwh

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48V 200Ah Off Grid ESS Battery With Longer Cyclelife For Towerships / Data Centers , UPS

Nominal Voltage ,capacity: 48V200Ah

Size: 636*664*165mm

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Black 4U 48V 75Ah NCM ESS Battery With UN38.3 UL For Telecom Power Supply

Standard Voltage: 48V

Standard Capacity: 75Ah

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