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Lifepo4 537.6V 100Ah ESS Battery For Industrial Enegy Storage System , Storage Station

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Packaging Details : 1PCS / carton box
Delivery Time : 35day
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Soundon
Certification: CE,ROHS UN38.3,TS16949 Model Number: SDES-537.6v100AH

Detail Information

Rate Voltage: 537.6V Capacity: 100Ah
Working Voltage Range: 470.4~613.2V Rated Charge ,discharge Current: 200A
Protection Level: IP20 Dimension: 865mm*2000mm*1400mm
Weight: 700Kgs Application: Energy Storage Station ,smart Microgrid ,factories Power Grid Supply
High Light:

high power battery pack


high capacity deep cycle battery

Product Description


Lifepo4 537.6V100Ah ESS Battery With Longer Cycle Life For Industrial Enegy Storage System , Storage Station





Rate power : 53.76kWh

Nominal Voltage : 537.6V

Nominal Capacity :100Ah

Output Voltage Range: 470.4V~613.2V

Rate charging Current :100A

Rated Discharging Current:;100A

Self discharge(25℃,SOC50%) : ≤5%

SOC Estimation accuracy : ≤5%

Battery Balance : Passive equalizing

Protection Level: IP20

System Protection Level :IP54

Cooling : Air cool

Battery system low voltage power: Rated power ≤134W

weight :700kgs



System introduction :


The industrial and commercial system is an integrated indoor energy storage system with an integrated battery system, battery management system, and auxiliary system. It can be widely used in new energy power generation, small micro-grid, industrial and commercial energy storage and other fields, and can achieve “peak load shifting” and “emergency response. "Safety" and other important functions.



Features :


1.Integrated , high integration, easy to design, construction, commissioning and operation and maintenance;

2. Modular construction, easy using, quickly installation , convenient operation and maintenance;

3. Intelligent monitoring, real-time online, intelligent monitoring and early warning, the system is safe and reliable;

4. Standardized expansion, strong scalability, can be combined with standard modules to expand the capacity of different products;



Application :


New energy generation, small micro-grid, industrial and commercial energy storage and other fields, and can achieve "peak load filling" and "emergency response." "Safety" and so on .




Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Applications
ES-002-4850-01(3U) 48 50 Telecom back up power
ES-001-4860-001 48 60 UPS power bank
SDDX-48V75Ah(4U) 48 75 Telecom back up power
ES-005-48V100Ah-02 48 100 Telecom back up power
ES-001-48160-001 48 160 Home energy storage system
ES-002-48200-01 48 200 Telecom Base Station
ES-008-48V300AH-01 48 300 Back up power supply
ES-002-48600 48 600 solar electric system
ES-002-9610-01(1U) 96 10 Telecom back up power
ES-SC-220-0200-A 220 200 Power Station Supply
ES-SC-220-400-A 220 400 Power Station Supply
ES-001-640280-01 640 280 Intelligent building power supply
ES-001-729420-01 729 420 Solar energy storage charge station


Battery cells system 


Soundon New Energy NCM battery cell  with high energy density ,fast charge ,high discharge rate ,are widely applied for electric passenger vehicle ,electric logistic vehicle ,energy storage system for houshold ,industrial ,solar energy 



Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Impedance(mΩ) Dimention Energy Density
Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Mass Energy Density (Wh/kg) Volume Energy Density (Wh/L)
SEPNi8688190P-15Ah 3.65 15 ≤3.5 194±2 91±2 8.3±0.4 ≥200 ≥375
SEPNi8688190P-17Ah 3.65 17 ≤3.5 194±2 91±2 8.4±0.4 ≥220 ≥425
SEPNi75161227P-30Ah 3.65 30 ≤2.5 226±2 160±2 7.4±0.4 ≥220 ≥420
SIHMN8588190P-12.5Ah 3.70 12.5 ≤3.0 190±2 87±2 8.3±0.4 ≥165 ≥345
SEPNi11100302P-40Ah 3.65 40 ≤2.5 301±2 99±2 10.9±0.4 ≥220 ≥435
SEPNi11164227P-45Ah 3.65 45 ≤2.5 226±2 163±2 10.8±0.4 ≥210 ≥405
SEPNi11217127P-32Ah 3.65 32 ≤2.5 125±2 215±2 11.1±0.4 ≥220 ≥385
SEPNi54190140P-10Ah 3.65 10 ≤1.5 141±2 191±2 5.2±0.3 ≥130 ≥250



Soundon New Energy Introduction


   Soundon New Energy is an enterprise engage in technology innovation, product design and marketing for battery cathode material and high capacity lithium-ion battery.


   Soundon New Energy has the ability of production 30,000 tons NCM&LIFEPO4 battery Cathode material , 18Gwh high capacity li-ion battery every year.


Soundon Industrial park


    Soundon possess a full-scale produce qualification, it passed ISO9000-2008 , ISO 140001-2004,ISO /TS 16949 certification. Mostly the lithium battery products gain the national and safety explosion-proof and export permit. It’s also got CE,CB ,UL ,UN38.3,and ROHS International Industry Certification .


 System product


Lifepo4 537.6V 100Ah ESS Battery For Industrial Enegy Storage System , Storage Station 0












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