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Analysis power pouch NCM battery cell technology

August 31, 2018

Latest company news about Analysis power pouch NCM  battery cell technology

    On 29th ,August ,Soundon New Energy was invited to participate in the AWC 2018 new energy raw material and key components technology conference in Shenzhen , Doctor Lou ,director of R&D center ,gave a speech about the Pouch battery cell technology route and development trend .


     The conference gather 500 professional colleagues from the automotive industry at domestic and abroad to discuss new energy automotive materials and key component technologies and market development. The conference focused on new energy vehicles and parts technology , in-depth discussion of new energy vehicle policies, market and technology development status and trends, key energy technology development and practical application of new energy automotive materials, key energy component technology development and practical application of new energy vehicles, The details of the technology and market development of representative OEMs and parts companies.


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  In order to solve the "driving mileage and safety anxiety" of consumers on electric vehicles, and improve the cost performance of products, the lightweight and safety of the whole vehicle will become the main development direction, and the performance of the power battery as the core component of the electric vehicle. The advantages and disadvantages directly impact the market application of electric vehicles and the acceptance of consumers. Set battery PACK for an example, the efficiency of battery cell pack will increase from 65% to 80% in the future. In addition to the increased system integration, the requirement of the lightweight of components except the battery cells in the power battery system is extremely high; In safety performance, new materials and technology processes and thermal solutions will be mass use. since the higher specific energy densities increase the risk of thermal runaway.


    Dr. Zhai Zhongliang believes that with the electric vehicle market is increase, core components and related technologies will booming. At present, the core components used in the domestic market are highly dependent on imports, and the cost is high. domestic replacement demand for core components and components is high and in urgent need of technical upgrading.

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      The dual pressures of market and policy, coupled with technological trends in the industry, the development of high-energy-density power batteries is the trend of the times. Among the three types of batteries, Due to the high energy density and good safety, the demand for pouch lithium battery keeps strengthening under the stimulation of high energy density and high safety demand. The NCM pouch battery capacity is higher than that of the same size steel shell and aluminum shell, but the weight and volume are lighter than the cylindrical battery and aluminum shell battery of the same capacity. Therefore, the new policy to subsidy is more favorable to NCM pouch lithium battery, The higher energy density, the more prominent the pouch battery advantage. The pouch battery is expected to accelerate the market share of pouch batteries in the new energy vehicle market due to its high energy density, good safety performance and flexible design. When the company develops high energy density. Pouch battery will become the mainstream of choice .

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