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Intelligent Lithium battery plant---Soundon New Energy

September 25, 2018

Latest company news about Intelligent Lithium battery plant---Soundon New Energy

     The phase Ⅲ of Soundon New Energy cover an area Eighty thousand square meters ,with an annual capacity 5GWh . The project introduces intelligent manufacturing equipment such as li-ion power battery anode and cathode manufacturing, assembly, inspection and storage/transportation and logistics .Construction of intelligent processing center and production line, intelligent production control center, intelligent production execution process control system, intelligent storage/transportation and logistics system and cloud service platform.


      The production equipment is purchased from top domestic brands, and the comprehensive intelligent management system of lithium ion power battery is built to realize the visualization of intelligent material Stir, automatic coating, rolling and cutting, baking and other processes.With MES system, ERP system, intelligent automatic logistics system efficient coordination and integration, master planning, scheduling, quality, technology, the information such as production line running, the real-time data synchronization to the database at the same time, to realize the automatic production line control, production process all digital surveillance, big data intelligent analysis and decision, improved the production efficiency, guarantee the quality of the product.


     In the further, Soundon New Energy will commit to be the Pouch power battery leader, The enterprise needs to be leading and forward-looking in technology. The soft-pack technology is the best choice for the current lithium ion battery route. After 260wh/kg was mass production, Soundon new energy will continue to integrate innovation and R&D resources in the industry, increase R&D investment specifically, improve system quality and energy density and battery life, ensure structural strength and material safety to meet environmental requirements, and achieve a series of mainstream options set by the country.

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