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Soundon New Energy appear in 2021 CIBF exhibition

March 30, 2021

Latest company news about Soundon New Energy appear in  2021 CIBF exhibition


latest company news about Soundon New Energy appear in  2021 CIBF exhibition  0


            The 14th China Battery Technology Exchange Conference (cibf2021), sponsored by China chemical and physical power industry association, was solemnly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March 19. This CIBF exhibition gathered more than 1000 exhibitors from the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry at domestic and abroad, focusing on the global excellent solutions of electric vehicle battery, energy storage battery, 3C battery, various battery cathode materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system. Soundon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Soundon new energy") presents its new products and multi-dimensional matrix of new energy, comprehensively demonstrating the diversification and product differentiation of Soundon new energy.



latest company news about Soundon New Energy appear in  2021 CIBF exhibition  1


     At this exhibition, the leading-edge new energy products and innovative technologies at domestic and abroad are competing to appear. Soundon new energy cathode materials and lithium products attract the attention of many enterprises in the industry. Among the 8 lithium ion products, the new cobalt-free battery cell and ultra-high power battery cell (>40C) of Soundon new energy have become the highlight of the exhibition. The advantages of Soundon new energy cobalt free new type battery cell products are attracted the attention of the guests in the audience compared with the other soft pack battery, which has the advantages of 15% increase in energy density and 20% reduction of the cost of the battery cell . Soundon new energy has become an important force in the field of new energy with innovative technology and excellent quality in the global "de cobalt" wave.


latest company news about Soundon New Energy appear in  2021 CIBF exhibition  2




     To meet the differentiated needs of customers is the service concept of Soundon new energy to consolidate its competitive strength and enhance the user experience. In the field of cathode materials, we produce NMC materials, lithium manganate and LiFePo4 battery. Each system is subdivided into several models according to different market demands, forming a supermarket for cathode materials. Soundon new energy cathode material adheres to the high-end line, and high nickel cathode material 811 achieves mass production. At present, the performance index of Soundon new energy ball 811 material has reached the same level of world-class products. It has passed the high-quality customer certification and started the pilot test and mass production. The single crystal 811 material has excellent high-temperature performance and can meet the needs of different voltages.


latest company news about Soundon New Energy appear in  2021 CIBF exhibition  3


     Soundon new energy's complete R & D system of pack products also helps customers' different customized needs. Soundon new energy pack products adopt a variety of heating and cooling systems to enhance product diversification. In the future, we will also focus on the development of de modular pack to further improve the lightweight and system security of the pack structure.



In the field of energy storage application and communication application, Soundon new energy has large-scale energy storage, off grid energy storage, distributed energy storage system design and integration technology, IDC and other switch room, base station, UPS lithium battery technology. Soundon new energy storage products with high safety, long life, high efficiency and low cost are export to overseas through their own advantages, laying energy storage application network to the world.


latest company news about Soundon New Energy appear in  2021 CIBF exhibition  4


    As the innovation highland of intelligent industry, Soundon new energy has steadily promoted the platform development stage, built the new energy ecological chain system, and focused on building a more forward-looking new development pattern. Soundon new energy takes itself as the core, cooperates with battery management system (Anhui Youdan Technology), battery recycling and material regeneration (Hunan Hongjie), and cooperates with sander new environmental sanitation to form an open and integrated new energy cycle map and create an ecological benchmark for new energy industry. In the future, Thornton new energy will focus on key product projects, strengthen industry cooperation, and help China's new energy industry adapt to the new normal and take off in the post epidemic era.




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