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Soundon New Energy Phase III Project Put into Production ,will become the “pouch Power Battery Leader”

July 3, 2018

china latest news about Soundon New Energy Phase III Project Put into Production ,will become the “pouch Power Battery Leader”

    On July 2nd, in the Hunan Xiangtan Jiuhua Industrial Park of Soundon New Energy , the new cell three-phase lithium battery with the theme of "new cell new sail, unstoppable" The production ceremony and the 260wh/kg NCM pouch pack battery mass production conference were successfully held.

     The conference attracted more than 400 people from well-known domestic lithium-ion merchants, investment institutions, construction units and media representatives to attend the event to witness this new energy industry event. Wen Yibo, Chairman of Sound Group, and Liu Yanlong, Secretary General of China Chemical and Physical Industry Association attended the meeting.

    This conference mainly focus on  the third phase  put into operation  and the 260 wh/kg NCM pouch battery mass production . Soundon New Energy hopes to further demonstrate its strength and show the company's new Confidence and determination in the layout of the energy industry. At the meeting, Sound Group and Soundon New Energy Chairman Wen Yibo bluntly stated that in the original intention of the industry to serve the country and give back to the hometown, Sound Group always regards Hunan as the main area of new energy investment, and the third phase of the project is put into operation and 260wh/ The mass production of kg NCM pouch batteries has promoted the growth of production capacity of Soundon New Energy in a short period of time. He firmly stated that Soundon New Energy is determined to become an important force in China's new energy automobile industry chain.


   With the commissioning of the third phase of lithium battery, Soundon New Energy has an annual production capacity of 9GWh, and is the first in the industry to achieve 260 wh / kg NCM pouch battery mass production, for the Chinese battery core to renew new energy.

    The project team conducted in-depth research on improving power battery quality, energy density, and significantly improving cycle life. It is understood that a single cell with a mass specific energy density of 260Wh/kg has been developed. After 1200 charge and discharge cycles in a normal temperature environment, the capacity retention rate reaches 89.5%. When the ambient temperature reaches 45 °C, after 1000 charge and discharge cycles. The capacity retention rate is 88.3%. Excellent high and low temperature performance and unique safety system design ensure that this battery has high safety and normal use in extreme weather or normal temperature environment, and long cycle life meets the requirements of high quality warranty.

      At present, the energy density of the domestic nickel-cobalt-manganese material battery generally reaches 160-200 wh/kg, and the 260 wh/kg single cell of the new energy input from Soundon's new energy achieves high requirements on the energy density of the power battery and the extension of the cruising range. Achieving a new market-oriented height of power battery energy density and cruising range. With the full and comprehensive technology accumulation in the field of power batteries, Soundon New Energy has become the leader of the domestic lithium battery industry.

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